Are there any free operating systems other then linux and freebsd?

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Final year project ideas on operating systems(linux) ,security (cloud or on system level) or virtualization?

I'd set up a virtual network. Useful information and fun. You don't even need to pay for anything. You can use VirtualBox or VMWare (harder to figure out).

Does anyone know of any site that i can download a free virus scan for an old operating systems?

Get Avast from below. They support back to win98 and maybe further beyond that.

Network Operating Systems Vs. Embedded Operating Systems?

"Network" and "embedded" are two different types of operating systems (OS) used in business and industry. A network OS is used in business network infrastructures, allowing data and resources to be... Read More »

Can i use 2 operating systems?

hii .. well nothing is impossible dude .. u can install xp and vista ..the issue u ve to face is .. xp is older so u cant install it wen u r using vista .so what u ve to do is install xp and then v... Read More »