Are there any free abortion clinics in Houston for teenagers?

Answer You wont get it for free based on your age, they see if you are eligible. Can not find a total free clinic but many clinics have donors so they can do it for free but don't advertise it, you just h... Read More »

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How much money goes to abortion clinics through taxes?

No tax money goes to abortion clinics--at least, not directly, as per the House Energy and Commerce Committee bill, H.R. 3200. However, tax money indirectly funds abortion through tax subsidies for... Read More »

Why do teenagers chose to have an abortion?

Because they either don't want the child, they can't afford it financially, or it would ruin their prospects of a decent education. Or if the child's father was unknown or he was a tw*t.

Do California teenagers need parents permission for abortion?

No, you do not need parental consent in California. In 1987, a law from 1953 allowing minors the same rights to medical procedures as adults (without parental consent) was amended. That amendment c... Read More »

Are walk in clinics free?