Are there any foods out there that actually lower cholesterol?

Answer I scored a total cholesterol level of 220 and upon being told that - I did what I knew to do - and in 4 months brought it to 153. My "good" cholesterol went from 40 to 45... and I continue to work ... Read More »

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Are there any foods that actually get rid of plaque in the blood?

hmmm... I'm not sure what is the exact target of your question, but I'll try to answer.Plaque buildup is due to cholesterol in the blood. So, if you're asking about getting rid of cholesterol, I'm... Read More »

Were there any foods that actually tasted better to you while you were undergoing chemo?

Nothing tasted better, but the only things I could taste were sweet, sour, salty and spicey. So I ate jars of pickles and added hot peppers to everything.

Is there any women out there that actually enjoy anal sex?

Porn stars do a lot to prepare themselves for anal sex on the set.They vacate their bowels using laxatives and anal douche bottles to wash away fecal matter. The actors also are very good at relaxi... Read More »

How can I lower my cholesterol without medication Are there supplements I can use or something else?

There are different ways to lower your cholesterol. You should always talk with your family doctor because he/she will know best which changes in your overall life might help the most.The following... Read More »