How Do Cats That Live in the Wild Find Food?

Answer Many cats that live in the wild do not survive due to lack of food, illness and exposure to the elements. Some cats that live in the wild are stray cats that once had human owners. Feral cats are b... Read More »

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List of Foods That Are Bad for Ferrets?

Initially domesticated and bred as exterminators of mice and other small game, ferrets have quickly become a common household pet. They are intelligent and playful, and when well cared for they can... Read More »

If you do not want to live with either one of your parents and there is another stable adult that is willing to support you can you live with someone else?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, your parents have to agree that you can live there so the other adult can be your legal guardian. Or you have to go to a court and prove that your life at home with either pa... Read More »

Are there any lyrics that you live by?

Its better to regret something you did than something you didn't do -- RHCP

Is there alot of Mongolians that live in Russia?

as per WikipediiaMongols - a group of related peoples who speak the Mongolian language , living mainly in Mongolia , parts of the Russian Federation (Russia) border with Mongolia and northern China... Read More »