Are there any external graphics card for laptops if yes then which company n wats the cost of 1 gb card?

Answer Yes, there are a couple.Originally there was the Asus XG station but it was discontinued without ever making it to mass market- I think it was released for a very short time in Australia? Not reall... Read More »

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Can i get an external graphics card for my laptop?

They are available but in the main thay are not intended for high end gaming.

Can I use an external Graphics card to replace a dying one?

Not very sure about this but I dont think you can add a external graphic card though. (Again I am not SURE)

How to Install an External Graphics Card for a Laptop?

In the past, if you wanted to update your graphics capability, you had to open your computer and install a new video card. While this was a rather simple process for PC users, laptop users were o... Read More »

Is there anyone who hav changed there laptops graphics card pleeeeeeeeeez answer my question 10 points best an?

No, you can't. You can't get the components. You will need to buy a new laptop, sorry. You can change it easily at all, as you need to dismantle the laptop and find another Gpu for the laptop. You ... Read More »