Are there any external drives specifically made to be compatible with Linux?

Answer I have used many hard drives by different manufacturers and they have all worked fine with Linux.It is worth mentioning that external hard drives tend to come formatted using the FAT32 file system.... Read More »

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How can I reformat an external hdd that was previously formatted with Linux via dish network to be windows compatible and Windows device manager has the option grayed out?

You are not able to transfer the recordings from the DVR receiver to your computer. The programming language used for the receiver is different than that used for computers. You can use an externa... Read More »

Are there external ps3 hard drives?

Sony does not offer an external hard drive for the Playstation 3 as of April 2010. Users can install a standard computer hard drive through the use of the backup utility built into the Playstation ... Read More »

Are there external hard drives I could buy to increase space on my computer?

yes, we use a 500gb external drive to hold our music and movies. it's great because we can move it between our computers here at home. when i bought it there was one that was 1 terabyte, but it wa... Read More »

How do I run two external hard drives with a Mac?

In most cases the USB device will draw its power from the computer via the USB cable. If this is not the case, then plug in the power adapter. If the external hard drive has a power button, turn it... Read More »