Are there any effective therapies for sensory integration disorder?

Answer On One Hand: Patient Can Follow Sensory DietA sensory diet refers to a plan to introduce various forms of environmental stimuli to train the senses to take in and handle the information that the pe... Read More »

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What therapies has Conventional Medicine adopted, that were once Alternative Medicine Therapies?

One of my favorite and least known examples would have to be cat scans (which technically aren't "therapies"). They were developed by a company in england, which first tried to introduce them to t... Read More »

What therapies are there for cancer patients?

Cancer is a serious disease that can strike many different parts of the body and is caused by abnormal tissue cells that divide and spread quickly and destroy normal cells. Doctors use several kind... Read More »

Are there sensory deprivation tanks in Louisville ky?

no there is not but you can find some in south Florida

Is there anybody else here who thinks Dr Frank needs to get over his fear of Alternative Medicine/ Therapies?

dr frank says he is a gp for more years than he cares to remember..this means he obviously cant conform to any change to the medical profession..he is afraid that maybe someday people will go to al... Read More »