Why did drive-in theaters close down?

Answer There are a few in our area in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, but not nearly as many as 20-30 years ago. We still go every now and again, and the line up to get in is always very long, and it is us... Read More »

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How many states still have drive in theaters?

Are there any dine-in theaters in Tucson, AZ?

They are sadly disappearing all over the countryWhen you get there, simply look in the yellow pages,or ask any friends you may meet.-

Are there any dollar theaters in Arizona?

There are no dollar theaters left in Arizona, but several discounted movie theaters still exist. As of 2010, the Super Saver Cinemas in Mesa and Phoenix and the Pollack Cinema in Tempe show films ... Read More »

Is there a 3D TV that delivers the same image quality as the 3D in theaters?

For the time being, commercial theaters offer higher resolutions than domestic televisions, 3D or conventional. It is likely to be sometime before higher resolution domestic equipment becomes avail... Read More »