Are there any dress requirements for pediatricians such as uniforms?

Answer It really depends on the specific physician. I, for example, usually wear nice pants and a polo shirt at work - I have been a clinical pediatrician for over 25 years. Dome docs prefer a tie. One it... Read More »

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What kind of uniforms do pediatricians wear?

Pediatricians are not required to wear uniforms during their work hours. They choose to dress professionally in business attire. However, many wear traditional white jackets to distinguish themselv... Read More »

Which uniforms Navy officers are required to wear inside the White House service or dress uniforms?

This is a bit vague. If you are asking if a higher ranking service member in the Air Force can give orders to a service member in the Army, then yes, to a certain extent. All service personnel are... Read More »

College Requirements for Pediatricians?

Pediatricians specialize in examining, diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries in children. Like other medical specialists, they must graduate medical school and complete a three-year reside... Read More »

Are there any dress requirments for pediatricians?