Are there any document scanning companies that come on-site?

Answer Hi Jim,I work for P2E Scanning Services. We specialize in on-site document scanning for the medical industry. All of our technicians are trained in HIPAA regulations and we would be happy to help y... Read More »

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Are there any insurance companies that provide coverage for very high risk drivers and if so which companies?

AnswerThis is not an endorsement: but Progressive has built their business on insuring high-risk drivers. That's not to say your particular driving record will qualify for coverage. If you are cons... Read More »

I once saw an ad that told me what my computer was and my browser and also IP. Is there a site that does that?

Like this site? can copy and paste their code in your own web site.

How many sites are there that needs user login id to do anything on that particular site...?

Download BugMeNot extension to block those, it makes a account for you. Yeah, I think almost all need login id and password as well, but some actually track you with tracking cookies when you log i... Read More »

Question on Scanning Document?

Get FreeOCR software. Its totally free and works very very well. You can open the scannd images in it and it will automatically convert it to editable text. You can also have the text opened in Mic... Read More »