Are there any digital camera that take pics right when you click the button?

Answer Casio Z75 or Z1050 is a great choice, nice and thin, lightweight, shoots photos and video with sound. Easy to use controls and a 2.5" screen to view.test it in the store when you chekc it out.www.b... Read More »

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Why there is a click sound when U take a snap in ur mobile phone camera?

taking pictures (especially with bad lighting) is all about holding still and steady to obtain a clear and blur-free image. the click sound is there to tell you that you can relax and stop holding ... Read More »

Is there a camera that can take pics of stars without using a telescope?

All cameras can take pics of stars, just put them on time exposure.

How to Right Click on a Mouse That Does Not Have Right Click?

Have you ever not been able to right click something? Whether it be on a game or on business, it is very annoying.

On the iPhone you can press the lockunlock button and home button to take a picture is there something like that on the palm pre?