Are there any cool things you can do with spare lcd monitor parts?

Answer Yes, you can open it up, plug it in to a power source, then give yourself a VERY COOL ELECTROCUTION.monitors have high voltage parts and capacitors, don't mess with them unless you have proper safe... Read More »

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What are some interesting things to do with a spare cucumber I'm having friends over tonight?

How to Order Marshall Amp Spare Parts?

Marshall amplifiers appeared on the scene in the early 1960s. Jim Marshall, a drummer in England, opened up a drum shop in London. Regular visitors such as Pete Townsend and Ritchie Blackmore encou... Read More »

The Spare Parts of Nissan Cars?

Spare parts for Nissan cars can be bought wholesale through a variety of different websites. This way you can either buy and replace the part on your Nissan yourself or bring them to your mechanic,... Read More »

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A person can represent and show off her unique personal style in many ways. One of these ways is through her hair. How well you take care of your hair or change your hairstyle can make a big differ... Read More »