Are there any cool games?

Answer On One Hand: Try Something OldPlaying the games of your grandparents and their grandparents can serve as a lesson in the beauty of simplicity. Card games such as poker and gin, or even those as sim... Read More »

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Cool Games for Kids on the Net?

The Internet can be a fun and safe place for kids when used properly. This is because there are many cool games for kids on the Net and when parents learn what and where they are, they can help the... Read More »

Cool English Games?

Have you ever had a hard time getting your students interested in learning English? If you have, you are not alone. One of the hardest things about teaching English is finding topics and assignmen... Read More »

Cool Reading Games?

Reading is often a sedentary and solitary activity, but it doesn't have to be. If you are teaching students reading skills, use games to allow them to join together in their study of this subject a... Read More »

Cool Fraction Games?

Games can help students learn fractions in a natural way that helps them see how fractions are useful in everyday life. Fraction games are most effective when they make use of items that students c... Read More »