Are there any combo Blu-ray HD DVD VCR players?

Answer It is possible to find a Blu-ray/DVD/VHS combo player. The vast majority of Blu-ray players already play DVDs, and some major manufacturers such as Panasonic and Sony are making Blu-ray/VHS combos.... Read More »

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How to Record to a VCR With Tunerless Combo Players?

Tunerless combo players are audio-video components that combine a VCR with another type of media player---typically DVD. Stand-alone VCRs are equipped with tuners so the user can record one channel... Read More »

Is there truly a difference in blue ray players vs regular dvd players?

Before you spew your opinion about something maybe you should look at an example of Blu-Ray on a HD 1080p LCD vs an up scaled DVD??? You obviously haven't since you don't see a difference in the di... Read More »

Are there any lcd tv DVD combo player available at Walmart?

Checking with your local Walmart is the best way to find out for sure, or you could try going to the company website to see if it is listed as one of their products for sale.

Are there 'DVD players' for my PC burned DVD-Rs?

Give it up.Is your small screen television a standard def model - only accepts 480 lines? Why do you think a DVD player would 'magically' be able to un-compress .MKV or "pro" files, down-convert e... Read More »