Are there any car deer repellents that work?

Answer On One Hand: It Makes Sense in TheoryDeer whistle manufacturers claim that at certain speeds, warning whistles emit a high-pitched, shrill sound inaudible to humans, but one that alerts animals in ... Read More »

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Are there any deer repellants that work?

On One Hand: Dear Repellents Can WorkWhile there is no guarantee that any deer repellent will work 100 percent of the time, according to the University of Rhode Island Department of Plant Sciences,... Read More »

Are there any mosquito repellents which actually work?

Skin So Soft by Avon (it's labelled as SSS).It's a famous topic for marketing students. Avon made the product as a beauty product but found that it was really good as a mosquito repellent. They nev... Read More »

Do homemade mosquito repellents work?

On One Hand: Many are untestedMany cultures around the world have come up with natural homemade mosquito repellents. Some of these may have been based on trial and error and other simply based on l... Read More »

Is there a radio that I can use to listen to tv stations that will work after february 17,2009?

I don't know of any at this time.Analog TV signals were actually two separate signals a video signal and an FM audio signal. The audio signal was pretty close to an FM radio station so radio manuf... Read More »