Are there any businesses that are unsuitable for e-business?

Answer On One Hand: Any Company Can Be OnlineAny business, save for those that wish to remain utterly secret, can have an online presence. While many businesses, such as travel agencies and online retaile... Read More »

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Is there a Better Business Bureau for online businesses?

There is a Better Business Bureau for online businesses. As of May 2010, there are over 63,000 websites that are certified as meeting the Better Business Bureau online standards.Source:BBBOnline

Do businesses need a secured business credit card?

On One Hand: Not at AllAccording to Eric Tyson in "Small Business For Dummies," businesses don't need credit cards at all, let alone specifically a secured credit card. Dave Ramsey supports this op... Read More »

What insurance company will insure a business that cleans filters for other businesses?

There are all kinds. Sounds like this would fit under the category of a cleaning company or a maid service. Also depends if you go on site or not, and how many filters you clean and whether or not ... Read More »

Why do People Found Unsuitable to Adopt Still feel 'Entitled' to a Child?

It's obviously not in the best interests of the children. It's a matter of the adults wanting what they want, and seeing that "everyone else" gets that without being raked over the coals to see ho... Read More »