Are there any browsers that have add ons for Ebay Sniping and Cookie swapping?

Answer here is an ebay sniper for firefox…

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Anyone disappointed after swapping from a pc to a Mac?

i use both, with pc i feel i am in control that i have so many options and stuff to do mac is great but expensive, why pay lots of money if you're not a designer or business person. you cant compar... Read More »

Swapping Motherboard?

No you can test the MO\BO by taking a hard drive with any O.S., p.s.u. and monitor to see if it will power up.

My tv keeps swapping channels then switching back?

loose scart lead? try the connections in the back of the tv and anything connected

Swapping hard drives from laptops?

Unfortunatly, if they have OEM windows (came with it when computer was purchased) you are limited to the motherboard it was sold with. If you try to swap them, you won't be able to boot windows. Th... Read More »