Are there any benefits to smoking?

Answer Stress Relief seems to be the one benifit. Also, smoke breaks seem to be a good perk.

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What is benefits of smoking?

The main benefit, unfortunately, is to the Tobacco industry, they make billions from smokers.Go ahead, make their day, but don't forget, many a cancer patient regrets ever having smoked.

What are the benefits of smoking marijuana?

No real up side. Causes aggression, depression, paranoia, and schizophrenia. Highly addictive, despite PC propaganda to the contrary. Taken in large quantities causes brain shrinkage and hastens de... Read More »

What are the benefits of smoking weed?

marijuana is one of the most beneficial plants on the earth, it has a multitude of benefits that many people don't know about. the main reason it is used for medicinal purposes is pain control, mul... Read More »

Smoking is very harmful however I wonder if there are any benefits of it?

It calms you down (if you're already addicted, that is) and some people find that it suppresses their appetites. Sometimes your employer will allow you to take cigarette breaks, during which you're... Read More »