Classy bars in Chicago?

Answer You may enjoy the Signature Room Lounge if you're looking for a little bit of class. It's at the top of the John Hancock Building and offers 360-degree views of the city. Absolutely breathtaking an... Read More »

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Hookah bars in Chicago that don't card you...?

A 17 year old (girl, at least) could probably pass for 18; if you look older than 18 naturally they probably wouldn't card you.However, I don't agree with that stuff, and wouldn't recommend doing i... Read More »

Best "ONE NIGHT STAND" BARS in Chicago-land area?

If a one night stand is what you're looking for...Go somewhere else. We don't want you here.

My front right door doesn't open. Does it have to open for me to pass the Missouri Safety inspection?

As long as it opens and you can close it, it should pass.

Are bars open on Election Day?

Whether bars can stay open on Election Day depends on the state statutes, according to the website US Elections. Most states do not have restrictions on bars on Election Day, but some leave it to l... Read More »