Are there any appetite supressants that work?

Answer On One Hand: Appetite Suppressants are EffectiveMany people are turning to appetite suppressants because taking the supplements may be easier than sticking to a diet. The suppressants curb cravings... Read More »

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Is there any medicines that reduce your appetite ?

why would you want to do that?Mild exercise reduces appetite while strenuous exercise increase appetite.

Is there a radio that I can use to listen to tv stations that will work after february 17,2009?

I don't know of any at this time.Analog TV signals were actually two separate signals a video signal and an FM audio signal. The audio signal was pretty close to an FM radio station so radio manuf... Read More »

Im thinking about buying an iPhone 3GS i would be unlocking it for tmobile but i read that the exclusive atandt features wouldnt work is there any way to fix that if not is it worth it to do it anyway?

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Besides closing my eyes and pretending there is no food, what are some ways to suppress appetite...?

Water and exercise. You need more water than you normally drink, because you aren't getting any water from food.The rest depends on what kind of "cleansing" you're doing. Is it one where you can ea... Read More »