Are there any anti-inflammtory drugs I can use that are not NSAIDS?

Answer You may try looking into this possibility:…Excerpt: 'Serrapeptase may also be beneficial to treat other conditions involving inflammation, such as arthrit... Read More »

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How do anti-cancer drugs work?

Drugs used to kill cancer cells are commonly referred to as chemotherapy. Designed to destroy fast-growing cells, chemotherapy drugs can be used as the sole agent to fight cancer or in conjunction ... Read More »

Which anti-inflammatory drugs are safe in pregnancy?

No.Avoid all types of drug in your pregnancy.My wife use inflammatory drug when she is pregnant.She create a very dangeraus situation .Than me and my wife visit this website and take daily instruct... Read More »

Anti vomit drugs safe in pregnancy?

You shouldn't take nausea medication for morning sickness. you just have to throw up until you stop. It will go away soon.However if you are so sick you get nothing down and get dehydrated you have... Read More »

What are the Different NSAIDs?

NSAIDs (or Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs) are used to ease pain and reduce inflammation. According ot WebMD, more than 30 million Americans use an NSAID drug every day. These medications are... Read More »