Does anyone know of there are any kosher dog and cat foods?

Answer Oddly enough there's Kosher Pets food. It's so good, it's Kosher. think you're a sick swine for feeding it to those co-workers though. It's way more expen... Read More »

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Kosher ! What exactly, makes food "kosher" for Jewish people What do they eat,say, while on the road ?

Kosher food is generally easy to find, with the exception of kosher meat. Many of us who keep strictly kosher will take packaged meals with them (yes, they exist--they're even self-heating) but ge... Read More »

Is there any kosher or halal restaurant/provision shop at Lake Geneva & Lausanne area?

Yes, there is:…

Is anyone out there collect McDonalds Monopoly stickers (uk)?

I'm doing that too. Me and my friend went there in our free during college for two hours, and waited for people to leave, and see if they left their stickers. In the end i got 14 in total, and two ... Read More »

How many Mcdonalds Restaurant employees are there in Michigan?

I did a little research.1. McDonald's operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people.2. According to a count of towns on the website, there are Mc... Read More »