Are there any Fazoli's still open in Phoenix?

Answer No, they all closed down about 2 or so years ago. There is great italian food places everywhere in Phoenix so don't worry :)

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Going to dc in April- baltimoremaryland like to see uss sanctuary if it is still there served on it Jan 1968 to dec'68 as corpsman anyone know if it is still there thanks?

No you cannot do that. The Navy SEALs is just that, the NAVY. You would have to finish your enlistment in the Marine Corps and then join the Navy.

If River Phoenix was still alive?

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Are there still remenants of the "White Australia" policy from the early 20th century still in today's society?

Yes, there are but nowadays one can't makecomment that you are against gay marriages,non-white immigrants, abortion, religion orwhatever===because if you do so you havethe vocal minority group of l... Read More »

How many air miles are there from Phoenix to London?

The distance between Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona in the United States, and London, the capital city of England, is 5,280 air miles. In the metric system, this distance equates to 8,500 kil... Read More »