Are there any DUFF'S buffets still around in orlando or the surrounding area?

Answer A quick Google showed Duff's in South Daytona, Port Richey and Bradenton. I would definitely call before heading out.I could not find a corporate site but the Port Richey location is on Facebook.We... Read More »

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What is a good restaurant in Orlando, Florida, or around there?

Lived in Orlando for over 35 years and some of the best restaurants I've ever been to are on Disney property and include:Cape May -- buffet style clambake at Disney's Beach ClubO'Hana's -- family s... Read More »

Are there any good restaurants around the Los Angelos area?

Tommy's - 2575 Beverly Blvd. LAShabu Shabu House Restaurant, 127 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, LAEnsenada Restaurant - 517 S. Spring St., LA

Going to Las Vegas for three nights, what are the best buffets around?

Where are you staying? There are a lot of good ones. I have a place there and have lived there on and off for years.There are those "tourist" spots that are not the best by far. Most of the Hote... Read More »

Pain in lower right abdomen and surrounding area?

There are many things it could be from an ovarian cyst to a urinary tract infection to a kidney stone or infection to appendicitis. The most immediately serious possibility is probably appendiciti... Read More »