Are there ancient pyramids on Mars?

Answer According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the supposed ancient pyramids on Mars are not pyramids constructed by extraterrestrial beings, but natural rock formations that ha... Read More »

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What country has the ancient pyramids?

The ancient pyramids are located in Egypt. The three most famous are the pyramids at Giza; however, there are also extant pyramids at Dahshur and Saqqara. They were built as tombs for the pharoahs,... Read More »

Who built the pyramids in ancient Egypt?

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote in 500 B.C. that 100,000 men built the Khufu pyramid in 20 years. Cities excavated next to the pyramids indicate that Egyptian artisans built the large structure... Read More »

What did the people of ancient Egypt bulid pyramids out of?

The pyramids are made of limestone. The outer layer was a finer quality and can be seen at a distance because of the white limestone reflection. The cap is a harder material such as granite that wa... Read More »

Who helped the Ancient Egyptians build the pyramids?

According to National Geographic, the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids without help from other societies. Excavated skeletal remains identified the workers as Egyptians who lived in villages ne... Read More »