Italian Dressing Ranch Dressing French Dressing Or Russian Dressing Which do u like better on your salad?

Answer I don't use any salad dressing on my salad, but if I had to pick on, it would be Ranch.

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What makes Italian dressing a suspension dressing?

Salad dressings are often made of a combination of vinegar and oil, along with other additives. These two do not mix, so a suspension is necessary so that you get both flavors at once. Italian dres... Read More »

Can you eat anchovies while pregnant?

Anchovies, a small oily fish, are preserved in benzoic acid, and pregnant women should avoid them when possible. However, of all the "preservatives" out there this one is fairly safe. It is a natur... Read More »

Do anchovies have bones?

I buy preserved/salted whole ones with the whole body and bones, fillets are boneless, some places sell anchovy sauce which is just a pureed mash in oil oil, I like this for sauces, and pastas. Now... Read More »

How to Lessen the Saltiness of Anchovies?

For those who love anchovies but aren't so taken with the saltiness that canned or jar anchovies bring, here is a very simple solution.