Are there abundant living organisms on the continental shelf?

Answer Yes. According to the Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network, marine life on the continental shelf varies according to habitat. For example, inhabitants of the Cordell Bank continental shelf (off ... Read More »

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Which part of the continental shelf has the most living organisms?

The neritic zone is the part of the continental shelf has the most living organisms. This area consists of the shore and most of the continental shelf, extending out to a water depth of 200 meters,... Read More »

U.S. Continental Shelf Oil Facts?

Reserves of crude oil are valuable national resources, managed by the Minerals Management Service, a department of the U.S. Department of the Interior. U.S. continental shelf oil is found throughou... Read More »

Plant & Animal Life on the Continental Shelf?

The continental shelf is the part of the continent that lies underwater directly off the shore. The shelf ends when it drops below 650 feet from the surface into the deep ocean. The floor of the sh... Read More »

Are corals living organisms?

According to the Coral Reef Alliance, coral is made up of tiny animals called coral polyps. The hard rock-like substance is the accumulation of the skeletons left behind when the polyps die.Referen... Read More »