Are there Marines in korea?

Answer There are U.S. Marines stationed in South Korea, known as the Republic of Korea (ROK) Marines, according to Global Security. Since the establishment of the ROK Marines in 1949, they have yet to los... Read More »

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How many marines fought in Korea& Vvietnam?

Approximately 424,000 marines served in Korea, according to Sam Houston State University. The Navy reports that 4,267 died in action. Edwin Simmons's History of the Marines estimates that 800,000 m... Read More »

Site of surprise amphibious invasion by US marines in Korea during September 1950?

Are there harajuku shops in south korea?

Why would they? Koreans haven't embraced that style so no reason to have any shops to promote it. Korean culture is nothing like Japanese culture so don't expect to find the same things in both c... Read More »

If you buy an iPhone in Korea can you take it home to south Africa and use it there?