Is the HP Envy 4 1030us Ultrabook worth buying Other suggestions?

Answer its NOT recommended for gaming and entertainment because of the 1.7 ghz cpu and the integrated gpufor gaming go for atleast 2.4 ghz cpu and ati and nvidia gpufor work and office this more than enough

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Any music download site suggestions (other than Limewire)?

Whatever you, I strongly recommend you consult this site:…A lot of the sites offering "one time fees for unlimited music" are shams and scams- this site po... Read More »

Which graphics card is best out of these Other suggestions?

don't look into anything under a fx5750 nvidia or a AMD 4000 thousand series. Sims is getting pretty graphical though! A radeon 5870 would take care of the problem or a gtx560ti edition.

Any body use finally fast .com does it work any other suggestions?

No, it's essentially a scam. You can find everything you need to fix all the crap they claim to fix for free elsewhere.Edit: Just tested it for myself. This site actually INSTALLS malware and spywa... Read More »

Which one is better Ooma, Magicjack for home phone or any other suggestions?

I can only speak for Magic Jack.. It has terrible reliability, and no Customer Service.! (You get what you pay for.) If you don't have a router, you must leave your computer on all the time to make... Read More »