Are there 90 day pins in Gamblers Anonymous?

Answer No. Although shorter key anniversaries may be recognized and celebrated within local chapter meetings, the official Gamblers Anonymous pins are awarded beginning at the one year mark, spanning upwa... Read More »

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Is there ANY way to see who wrote on my spillit as an anonymous?

No there's not. That's why these anonymous settings are ridiculous. People say a whole load of bullshit they wouldn't even consider saying to your face. They hide behind anonymity. My advice? Don't... Read More »

Is there any way to sre who asked me a question on if they're anonymous?

You cant find out the identity of an anonymous person, that's the whole point of the anonymous button being there, so people can say things in secret without the people answering or anyone else kno... Read More »

What are the demographics of compulsive gamblers?

The demographics of compulsive gamblers transcend racial, religious and socioeconomic barriers. In the United States, it is estimated that more than three million people are compulsive gamblers.Age... Read More »

Is there a real name for 'pins and needles'?

Paresthesia – Pins and Needle sensationsAnesthesia – Loss of all pain, touch and temperature sensationsHyperpathia – Increased sensitivity to painDysesthesia – Pain produced from a non-pain... Read More »