Are there 30GB Zip Drives?

Answer The Iomega Zip Drive, introduced in 1997, initially allowed a storage capacity of up to 100MB on a single Zip disk. Later Zip Drives allowed storage capacity of up to 750 MB. There is no Zip Drive ... Read More »

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Are there 20GB zip drives?

Zip drives are not a hard-drive and require separately purchased disks for storage. The Zip storage system, produced by Iomega, only comes in disk sizes of 100, 250 and 750 megabytes, according to ... Read More »

Are there external ps3 hard drives?

Sony does not offer an external hard drive for the Playstation 3 as of April 2010. Users can install a standard computer hard drive through the use of the backup utility built into the Playstation ... Read More »

Is there any difference in IDE cables for hard drives?

There are two primary types of IDE cables: cables with 40 internal wires, and cables with 80 wires. The fastest hard drives require 80-wire cables to avoid the signal reflections and crosstalk that... Read More »

Is there any good antivirus for protecting Pen Drives?

Hi ,it is a easy solution : use your pen drive only on Secure computers . ( original antivirus ) .i think trustport and trend micro have some solution for flash drive , but i do not test their .Reg... Read More »