Are their any halal food in canada for muslims , and restaurants?

Answer Sure are! You can go online to the Muslim business link.

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Why is halal food important to Muslims?

Halal food is food prepared in accordance to Islamic law as defined in the Islamic texts, the Qur'an and Hadith. Halal is the Arabic word for "allowed." It is important to Muslims to eat a halal di... Read More »

Is it illegal not to label food sold in restaurants as halal if it is so?

Good question! But sadly and disgustingly no, restaurants and supermarkets etc do not have to tell you if the food your eating is halal. I too do not eat halal products on the principal of it. Ther... Read More »

Why do Muslims wash their bum with water after using the toilet and non-muslims use toilet paper?

peace be upon youwhat is your opinion , what is better , cleaner , healthier?Islam want peole clean and healthy.

Halal Restaurants in Chicago?

Chicago is the biggest city in the Midwest, so it should come as no surprise that it caters to all kinds of dietary needs, from those of vegans to the gluten intolerant to those who only eat Halal ... Read More »