Are the zodiacs signs still accurate?

Answer On One Hand: The Ever-changing reports that each year as the sun passes through the 12 "houses" of the Greek-based zodiac, the one most recognized in the Western world, it falls j... Read More »

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What are the first signs of pregnancy and how long do you have to wait to take a test and get an accurate result?

Answer the first signs of pregnancy are swollen sore breasts, morning sickness or nausea, gaining weight, and sometimes you may feel emotional. you can do a home pregnancy test from the first day y... Read More »

Are zodiacs real?

On One Hand: Rooted in HistoryAccording to the article, Zodiac History, many cultures, including Chinese, Mayan, Indian and Greek have a history of dividing the sky up into recognizable portions, o... Read More »

Knights of the Zodiacs?

"Knights of the Zodiacs" is one popular translation for the "Saint Seiya" franchise. The canon is originally based on a long-running Japanese manga comic series and has gone on to include an anime ... Read More »

If someone has a broke neck, would they show signs What would be the signs?

The answer is not that simple. You can have many kinds of neck fractures as you can break the spinal processes, the bodies and the connections in different areas. You can also break the neck at a... Read More »