Are the yellow&blue health forms used in every state?

Answer Yes, the standard form to bill Medicare by a non-institutional provider is the blue and yellow CMS-1500 Health Insurance Claim Form used in every state. This form replaces the old claims forms and ... Read More »

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Can a Bartending License Be Used in Every State?

Bartending license requirements vary by state. All states, of course, have an age requirement, but many also have a bartending course requirement, and both must be fulfilled to obtain a license. A ... Read More »

Has anyone here every rejuevenated. I mean went from poor health to radiant health?

yeah hun sure i have ........... i looked like i had one foot in the grave 2 short years ago ...... and that was 5 years after i ditched all the alcohol ...... even 12 months later when i'd finally... Read More »

If a father moves out of state can he get his visitation schedule changed from every other weekend to every summer?

Answer That would be a decision that would the judge would have to make if the parents could not agree on the change of visitation.The biggest obstacles would be the age of the child and the method... Read More »

Samples of health insurance forms?

Answer There are many types of forms. Claim forms, enrollment forms, etc. Many forms can often be found by registering on your carriers website.