Are the working conditons outside or inside for a pediatrician?

Answer This is a fairly potent medication that contains a narcotic (hydrocodone), an anti-histamine (chlorpheniramine), and a decongestant (phenyleprine). Essentially this drug is used for a bad cold & co... Read More »

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What Are the Living Conditons for Shrimp?

These swimming crustaceans have 10 legs and live in schools. Adult shrimp live at the bottom of a body of water and filter food particles that are in the water. A variety of shrimp species can live... Read More »

How can you tell if your dishwasher is working correctly inside?

If it doesn't drip and it's normal for it to start and slow down and such. Don't worry it's hard to mess up a dishwasher

Would you let somebody working in your house smoke inside?

No, i wouldn't. Only because i'm not allowed to smoke in my own home. Anyway, it's illegal to smoke in your workplace and your boss could get a huge fine.

Do you work inside or outside when working as a pediatricain?