Are the tips at wings and more restaurant good?

Answer It depends where it's located. If near a sports facility, you can expect drunken fansto come in, and they tip very well indeed.-

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What is the best way for a server to get the best tips in a restaurant I Need good serving techniques!?

Okay, here you go!1. Serve from the left. Clear from the right.2. No matter what the people ask for, always act as though it is absolutely your pleasure to give it to them.3. Avoid tables with ... Read More »

What restaurant invented buffalo wings?

The popular spicy and tasty Buffalo wings were the 1964 creation of Teressa Bellissimo who, with her husband, Frank, co-owned the Anchor Bar and Restaurant in Buffalo, New York. The Anchor Bar help... Read More »

What's a good restaurant name for a fancy, rich italian restaurant?

Do we have to pay restaurant tips?

You don't have to.But... if I were waiting tables and you didn't give me a tip..I'd think you were a jerk and cry.Couldn't you have just gotten the take-out or eat somewhere else or something?