Are the sweet potatos produced from ornamental sweet potato vine edible?

Answer Technically, Yes.But they taste terrible, so no one does.

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Is there any difference between Sweet Potato Vine - Batata - with heart-shaped leaves and purple to black skin and the vine from the edible tuberous root of the sweet potato?

Answer Probably not. I have included two web links to help you make sure. See the related links below. There is also a vine called Potato Vine which is a member of the Solanum family and it is toxi... Read More »

Is an ornamental sweet potato vine poisonous?

Although it often is used decoratively, sweet potato vine, or Ipomea spp., is toxic, containing hallucinogenic properties and high levels of nitrate. Sweet potato vine is in the Morning Glory famil... Read More »

Is a sweet potato vine edible?

The foliage of a sweet potato (leaves, stem tips and vines) is edible. Sweet potato, considered a root vegetable because of its edible tuber, its foliage is consumed in many parts of the world as a... Read More »

What is a sweet-potato vine?

A sweet-potato vine, scientific name Ipomoea batatas, is a fast-growing ornamental plant that grows as an annual in colder climates. Where the ground does not freeze, sweet-potato vines can be gro... Read More »