Are the state of Ohio's tax payers aware of misuse of funds by workman's comp?


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Do you have to pay taxes on workmans comp?

A person or survivors of said person who collects workers compensation does not pay any tax on the money that is received when paid for a work-related injury or sickness. Generally the payments are... Read More »

What is workmans comp insurance?

Workman's compensation, or workman's comp, is insurance regulated by state agencies that covers medical expenses, lost wages and rehab incurred as a result of a work-related injury or illness.Emplo... Read More »

How much does workmans comp pay for a disabled leg?

shudras (also named harijans)The shudras were the Fourth Caste. The Harijans treated as Untouchables were the so called panchamas or the Fifth Caste. Since they were outside the caste hierachy they... Read More »

HYPOTHETICALLY: If you get hurt masterbaking at work can you get workmans comp?

You get jerkman's comp.EDIT: Damnit, I didn't realize someone else already said that.