Are the pictures taken from a still picture camera 2D or 3D?

Answer All photographs and images on solid media are actually 2-D, any apparent 3-D is always an optical illusion. The only exception are the images produced in space by (usually) lasers.

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What is a picture taken by an infrared camera called?

How can you find out how many picture your camera has taken?

upload it onto the computer then in the folder where you have uploaded the image it should ideally say how many pictures there are on the camera

How do I print pictures taken with a digital camera?

Open the pics and click the print option in the file tab for christ sakes. Where do you get the inane notion that digital has anything to do with it?

Can a dark picture taken during the day by a cheap camera be lightened?

Yeah actually the other day I did that there wasnt a problem with it so you should be able to do it too most of the time when it is daytime and pictures come out dark, the problem with those dispos... Read More »