Are the numbers on the back of the Social Security card the routing numbers for the Federal Reserve?

Answer Newer cards issued by the Social Security Administration have a red number printed on the back. Rumors state that these numbers signify a routing or account number within the Federal Reserve bankin... Read More »

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Federal Laws Regarding Government Agencies Asking for Social Security Numbers?

Federal laws regulating the ways government agencies can ask for social security numbers vary with the agency. Certain types of agencies, such as tax authorities, are allowed to require disclosure ... Read More »

What do the numbers on your social security card mean?

Most U.S. citizens have a Social Security number, generally used to track a person's earnings and for other tax purposes, and usually printed on a card that the person holds. The number is not comp... Read More »

How many numbers are on a Social Security card for a nonresident?

Nonresident Social Security numbers have the same number of digits as the Social Security numbers of residents. The Social Security number has nine digits. However, not all nonresidents qualify for... Read More »

Where does someone get their federal reserve routing numbers?

An account-holder can determine his federal reserve routing number by looking at the bottom of his checks, where the first nine printed digits correspond to the routing number. Banks get their rout... Read More »