Are the new upright freezers better than the old ones?

Answer On One Hand: Older Upright Freezers are CheapOld freezers are cheap and easy to find. Buying an old freezer offsets the environmental impact of manufacturing a new one. However, it will use more el... Read More »

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Can anyone please tell me how to remove the motor from the Eureka smart boss upright 4870 upright vacuum cleaner?

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How do freezers operate?

According to AP Wagner, a distributor of alliance parts, most freezers are designed to operate the same way. They take warm air and cool it by using the principles of evaporation. The result is the... Read More »

Do freezers have a transformer?

Yes, many standard-size home units and portable freezers include a built-in transformer. However, many larger commercial freezers may require a separate transformer to be purchased for the proper ... Read More »

How did they make ice before freezers?

We take it for granted that there will be a limitless supply of ice when we open our refrigerators' freezers. However, modern ice making is only about 130 years old. Before the invention of mechani... Read More »