Are the merchant marines part of the military?

Answer The United States military has five service branches: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. The Merchant Marine is a civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Navy, and is only considered to be... Read More »

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Is the merchant marine part of the US military?

Dates of each branches establishment: US Army -----------------June 14, 1775 US Navy -----------------October 13, 1775 US Marine Corps -------November 10, 1775 US Coast Guard --------August 4, ... Read More »

How much do merchant marines get paid a month?

Salaries for merchant marines, people who work on a merchant sailing vessel, can vary greatly according to location and experience. However, on average, a merchant marine makes $3,750 per month, or... Read More »

Where can you find a military part blade edge guard with an nsn part 2010-01-316-4468?

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Is there any part of the military you can be a part of if your on medication?

Texas State Guard. Some states have their own locally raised militias, which are not federally recognised, and serve as an auxiliary to the National Guard in their state-oriented mission. Most stat... Read More »