Are the leaves of pepper plants edible?

Answer On One Hand: No-Pepper Plant Leaves Should Not Be EatenIn their natural state, many pepper plant leaves are poisonous for human consumption. Specifically, the capsicum annum species, commonly refer... Read More »

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My Pepper Plants Have Wrinkled Leaves?

If the pepper plants in your garden start showing wrinkly or puckered leaves, they could be harboring a type of virus that results in stunted growth and distorted fruit, according to plant patholog... Read More »

Why Are the Leaves Curling Up on My Jalapeno Pepper Plants?

When the leaves of a jalapeno pepper plant curl, the cause is most likely an aphid infestation. Aphids are one of the most common vulnerabilities of pepper plants and many plants respond to a colo... Read More »

Can Sevin dust cause leaves on pepper plants to wrinkle?

Sevin dust does not cause wrinkled leaves on pepper plants. Peppers are prone to pepper mottle virus, a disease that causes pepper leaves to become dark and wrinkled. Sevin dust applied early in th... Read More »

How do I Treat Leaves Curling Upward on Pepper & Tomato Plants?

Curling leaves on your tomato or pepper plants can present quite a problem. In the case of tomato plants, curling leaves are rarely indicative of a larger problem. If your pepper plant's leaves are... Read More »