Are the interest on savings bonds tax free if you are using it for college?

Answer Savings bonds can be used tax-free if the money is used for higher education expenses. To be used for college expenses in a tax-free capacity, the bonds must be series EE and issued after Dec. 31, ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Interest on EE/E Savings Bonds?

Series EE/E bonds are savings instruments issued by the U.S. Treasury. They can be purchased at banks, through payroll deductions or from the Treasury Direct website. The Treasury determines the va... Read More »

When Can I Cash Savings Bonds Without Paying Interest?

U.S. savings bonds pay a return and keep your money safe until you need it. However, if you cash EE or I bonds too soon, you will end up relinquishing some of the interest. HH bonds require a diffe... Read More »

Can series i savings bonds earn negative interest?

The rules used to calculate interest on Series I U.S. savings bonds prevents the interest rates from going into negative territory. Series I bonds include two components, a fixed rate of interest a... Read More »

How to Put Savings Bonds Toward College?

Savings bonds are U.S. Treasury notes. Bonds can be purchased at any time in many different amounts. Common denominations of savings bonds include: $100, $1,000 and $5,000. These bonds are not wort... Read More »