Are the ingredients in revolution for cats the same as for dogs?

Answer The active ingredient in Revolution for both cats and dogs is selamectin, according to the manufacturer Pfizer. But the dosage for cats is lower than for dogs. Dosage amounts depend on the weight o... Read More »

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Does revolution for cats contain permethrin?

Permethrin is used to control ticks and fleas on dogs. Permethrin should never be used on cats or kittens because it is toxic. Revolution for cats kills fleas, prevents heartworm, and treats and co... Read More »

Can you get revolution for cats with no prescription?

Revolution flea medication is available without a prescription for cats. You can get Revolution through your veterinarian or you can purchase it online, either through Revolution's own site or exte... Read More »

Does Revolution help mange in cats?

On One Hand: Active IngredientRevolution has an active ingredient that kills mites. This in turns helps to control mange in cats. The medication must be prescribed by a veterinarian and is a monthl... Read More »

Does revolution treat roundworm in cats?

Produced by Pfizer, Revolution is a topical medication effective in the treatment of roundworms. The medication prevents the return of the worms and also kills adult fleas, ear mites and hookworms.... Read More »