Are the iPhone 3g and 3gs the same size?

Answer The iPhone 3GS is a little thicker, but not noticeable to the naked eye. There is a notable difference between GB size though.

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What is the difference in size in an iPhone 2g and an iPhone 3g?

There is no difference in VISUAL size between the two. The difference is the gigs. Each gig has one milion bites of memory and so the iPhone 2g has two million bites of memory and the iPhone 3g h... Read More »

Are an iPhone 4 and a iPhone 4 4G the same size and shape?

Is 3g iPhone same size as 2g?

they are the same size but the 2g because there the same ant the 2g is cheaper

What size are iPhone icons?

Well, it depends on your responsibility level. Example. My daughters friend is 10 (the same age as my daughter). She has an Iphone and knows how to take care of it. However, my daughter is not read... Read More »