Are the fumes from a self cleaning oven safe if I'm pregnant?

Answer Pregnant women should avoid fumes from any source. Fumes from many oven cleaners are advertised as safe but why take the chance? "self-cleaning oven" uses high temperature (approximately 500C/900F)... Read More »

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Are cleaning products safe when pregnant?

On One Hand: Unhealthy ChemicalsThe Environmental Protection Agency warns that exposure to some household cleaners while pregnant can cause health problems, including premature delivery and low bir... Read More »

Can I leave the rack in a GE self-cleaning oven when cleaning?

In GE self-cleaning oven models, shiny, silver-colored oven racks should be removed before beginning the self-cleaning cycle. In contrast, gray, porcelain-coated racks can be left in the oven durin... Read More »

Are latex memory foam fumes safe?

Because natural latex can be manufactured without the use of hazardous chemicals such as methylene chloride, it's an attractive alternative to eco-conscious individuals wishing to avoid polyurethan... Read More »

If a dish is dishwasher safe and microwave safe is it oven safe?

not really. it just depends on the if its glass, stone, plastic, etc.