Are the fjords in norway?

Answer The Fjords, narrow bodies of water that are left behind when a glacier retreats, are found in Norway. Western Norway has four Fjord regions: More & Romsdal, Sogn & Fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland.... Read More »

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How many fjords does Norway have?

Per estimates in travel guides, there are about 4,000 fjords in Norway. There is not an exact number or count of the fjords because the number is constantly changing due to the geographical conditi... Read More »

How to Explore the Fjords in Norway?

The fjords of western Norway are recognized as one of the most beautiful and unspoiled travel destinations on earth. They have consistently come out on top of National Geographic Traveler's survey ... Read More »

How many fjords are in Svalbard, Norway?

The archipelago of Svalbard, which is part of Norway, features 27 major fjords along with hundreds of other tiny lesser ones. The five longest in the islands include--in order from largest--Wijdefj... Read More »

What carved out the fjords of Norway?

During the great ice ages, glaciers crept and sat on top of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Great etchings were carved in the rock as they slowly melted back. The sea level rose from the melted ice and... Read More »