Are the fire safe cigarettes making me sick?

Answer On One Hand: Fire-Safe Cigarettes Contain More ChemicalsFire-safe cigarettes contain higher levels of toxic chemicals than regular cigarettes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, comm... Read More »

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The Truth About Fire Safe Cigarettes?

Cigarettes are well-known as a health risk, but they also have been shown to be a fire risk. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association's report "U.S. Smoking-Material Fire Prob... Read More »

Feeling sick after smoking cigarettes..?

Smoking lowers your blood pressure, probably thats why you shake and feel sick. Sometimes smoking in general, or smoking special cigarettes don't match your body.Consider changing your cigarettes, ... Read More »

Are e cigarettes safe?

They're a scam. My husband and our friend uses them and they both smoke a ton of cigarettes too. Stopping cigs takes will power and the drive to do it, cold turkey.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

On One Hand: FDA WarningsAccording to analysis done by the United States Food and Drug Administration, electronic cigarettes contain chemicals and impurities that are harmful to humans. The chemica... Read More »