Do you have any candy recipes without corn syrup?

Answer Indian Nut Treats ...................... (from a friend, her Mom made these)Use a candy thermometer.8 ounces sugar (227g)1 cup water1 tablespoon oil (while boiling)2 teaspoon milk1 pound powdered c... Read More »

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Candy Corn Math Activities?

The different concepts associated with mathematics can sometimes be difficult to visualize. With the use of manipulatives --- small objects that students can handle --- learners can better visualiz... Read More »

How to Remove Corn Starch From Candy?

People who make molded candy at home often use commercially manufactured candy molds. However, sometimes they want to make unusual shapes for which there are no commercial molds. In this case, they... Read More »

Candy Corn Crafts for Preschoolers?

Candy corn pieces are often used in preschool and elementary classrooms to reinforce one-to-one counting relationships, help visualize addition and subtraction, recognize shapes and colors or just ... Read More »

Does sugar-free candy contain corn syrup?

Sugar-free candy does not contain corn syrup. All of the calories in corn syrup come from sugars, and the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations requires that sugar-free products have less than 0.5 g of ... Read More »